Monday, November 18, 2013

Tarnishing the Brand

Yesterday was a run-through for Thanksgiving dinner, which means not everything had to be traditional. For example, I did not stuff the turkey, hoping to spend less time working on it on Sunday. Instead, my husband and I each made stuffing that we baked separately. That worked out just fine, but I doubt he'll go along with it for Thanksgiving itself.

Since I picked up a fresh turkey at Costco on Friday, I decided to try a dry rub instead of a brine and I used the mix I found in the February issue of Bon Appetit, with star anise, fennel seeds, fresh thyme, hot pepper flakes, brown sugar and kosher salt. The rub worked well and everyone enjoyed the turkey. Unfortunately, the rub proved too much for the Cuisinart Spice and Nut Grinder I bought from Sur La Table.

I'd wanted an actual spice grinder for some time. When the coffee grinder was one of the losses from the house fire, I had an excuse to buy one made for spices. I think I had a discount at Sur La Table after taking a class and they had the Cuisinart in stock, so I bought it. Unfortunately, I can't remember when exactly I bought it (certainly within the past two years, because it did not precede the purchase of the new house.) I did not actually use it until Saturday.

It ground to a complete and utter stop. I thought it might have just overheated, so I let it cool off. Dead as a door knob.

I am very disappointed. I suspect it is too late to return it. I no longer have the box, although I guarantee I've got the receipt somewhere in a box. I own a lot of products with the Cuisinart name--I still have my original food processor, purchased in 1978, and it works just fine. But this item did not live up to expectations.