Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dining Out

Restaurant Week is coming to a close and I've not had a chance to take much advantage of these discounts, but I did get to go to two restaurants I visited for the first time last year.

I introduced my friend Melinda to Angeli Caffe last Friday. It is participating in Restaurant Week, but not on Friday nights. Nevertheless, we had a spectacular supper of a selection of appetizers from the seasonal menu, with Melinda choosing the lasagna bolognese while I got the ahi tuna with garlic on linguini as main courses. The restaurant was very busy, but they managed to find an open seat. I just wish it wasn't quite so noisy, but hard surfaces are in.

On Tuesday, we went to see "Minsky's" a new musical which will probably go to New York this spring. Our friend Gillian discovered the four of us could eat at Roy's Hawaiian Cuisine near the Staples Center and then get a complementary shuttle to and from the Ahmanson Theatre, which is not located in a restaurant-populated neighborhood. Roy's has a seasonal fixe prix menu for $34 (the same as the mid-level Restaurant Week price), and we did justice to the selections for appetizers and entrees, but we all chose the same dessert. Roy's put a bowl of edamame on the table which was flavored with salt, sugar, and a selection of some Japanese spices--fantastic. I had the seafood chowder (which had a New Orleansean kick) and the grilled salmon, both of which were very good. The other selections on the table included a salad with grilled chicken or a salad with grilled beef for appetizers and the short ribs or grilled shrimp for entrees. There was none of the pork pot roast available or someone would have ordered that as well. Dessert was moulten chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream. We then waddled off to catch our shuttle, which turned out to be a stretch limo.

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