Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sur la Table Update

I got a note from a Sur la Table representative this morning asking me to update the links I had to their cooking classes. They've upgraded their website and moved things.  I'm flattered to find I am on their radar and I am happy to oblige. I updated the links on the two posts where I found them. For convenience sake and your information, here's the link as well.

I've been a fan of the store since I visited the original location in Seattle almost 25 years ago and now I am happy to live in the vicinity of four stores. For some reason they do not have a location in the San Fernando Valley, but I can get to the Thousand Oaks, Los Angeles Original Farmer's Market, Santa Monica, and Pasadena stores without too much trouble. Parking isn't even a problem with the TO store. But only the Farmer's Market location holds classes.

By coincidence, my niece is visiting and asked if I was still writing this blog. I am. Sitting down and working on it at the computer that's got access to the best versions of my pictures has been my downfall lately. I realize promises to do better haven't been fulfilled, either. I'm sorry. Will try harder.

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