Thursday, April 26, 2012

Taking Tea

I am so far behind writing this blog. I've got several drafts waiting to be finished. Photographs have backed up as I made a decision about whether to move up to Lightroom 3, and, suddenly, Lightroom 4 appeared. Once I got all my images moved into the new library and figured out the basics, I am left with no excuses to procrastinate.

Between Christmas and New Years, Susan Ellison, Kathryn Drennan and I headed out for tea and shopping in Beverly Hills. We seem to do this every year about this time, because I usually take that week off from work. Most of the time, we have to look for tea shops that are open on Saturday or Sunday.

This year, we gave tea at the Montrose Hotel a try. The hotel also houses a Thomas Keller L.A. restaurant, Bouchon, but it doesn't appear that they cross-over (I did get to eat some finger food from there in December, at a Case Western Reserve University School of Law reception, but I didn't use my camera.)

I thought the hand-painted china was quite pretty (and so was the cost of a set in the gift shop.) The tea was very nice, though perhaps not as accommodating as the one we go to at the Peninsula Hotel in another part of Beverly Hills (we like more control over the choices of food.) The service was good, surroundings were lovely,  and the post-Christmas shopping afterwards was fun.

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