Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Feast for Fans

My friend George R.R. Martin's been writing a series of books of which you may have heard. The first is called A Game of Thrones, which is the name under which it is being made into an HBO series. Season Two just ended. Five volumes of the book series have been published and the overarching title of the series is A Song of Ice and Fire.

George has many ardent fans, but the most interesting to me are the women who write the blog Inn at the Crossroads. For the past several years, they have turned George's descriptions of food (and there are so many in ASoI&F) into historically accurate and/or modern variations of the dishes. Their cookbook has just been published.
Look for A Feast of Ice & Fire at your neighborhood bookstore (if you have one, since so few of them remain.) I found this display at the nearest Barnes & Noble. It is available on, but Jessica's Biscuit hasn't stocked it yet.

The photographs are lovely. The recipes I've tried from the blog have been delicious. George has at least two more books to write, so I do wonder if there will be a sequel, but you can always check the blog for new entries.

The decision to use food trucks to promote the first season of the show was nothing short of brilliant, and Tom Colicchio's food was wonderful, as I wrote here just about a year ago. Other shows may have followed suit (at least I've hear rumors to this effect), but descriptions of food are integral to these books and this cookbook makes a great gift for anyone you know who may be reading the series or who fell in love with the show.

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