Friday, July 25, 2014

Tea on Chatsworth

My girlfriend Gloria and her granddaughter, Seven, left Comic-con with me today to see a little bit of San Diego. We drove over to Del Coronado so they could get a look at the wonderful Hotel Del and we drove up to Balboa Park to see where the zoo is, even if we couldn't find parking at the Del or have time to see the pandas.We did get to go for tea at Tea-upon-Chatsworth, a darling shop over in Point Loma, across the bay from our hotels.
 Seven had never gone out for tea before today. We tried four teas, and the savories started with a red pepper soup and the sweets ended with a strawberry shortcake. Everything else is on the tower. It was tasty and about half the price of tea in L.A. these days.
 The soup.

 The savories.

 The menu for the Queen's Tea.

The teas we tried were a lavender infused Earl Grey, a vanilla flavored black tea, a white tea with a wine name, and a rooibos called Chocolate Cake. I'm taking four ounces of that loose tea home with me.

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